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I was looking for a subject rich in emotion. My friend, the libretto adaptor, Chris Mouron, had the insight that there was an obvious choice, a book that had travelled straight into the hearts of all grown up children, a masterpiece - The Little Prince. I immediately imagined the choreographic language of the work: 

A Little Prince flying from one planet to another with aerial acrobatics, a Lamp Lighter swaying on a flying pole, contemporary dancers for the Rose, the Aviator, the Drunkard and the Businessman, a Vain man expressing himself through break dance and parkour, a King performing baroque dance, etc. 

I’m just one of the millions of children who were overwhelmed by reading this book. And that emotion is still in me. It continues to be with me in my adult life. The creation of the show allowed me to bring this emotion back to life with artists that I love. It also allowed me to meet new young artists with exceptional talent, and that was an unexpected gift. 

Chris Mouron and I had the same goal in the creation of this show: Respect above all this masterpiece, recreate this emotion, give it back and let free and intact the dream and imagination of each spectator. We quickly understood that all the designers and producers who surrounded us were driven by the same respect and the same emotion. As artists, we are often “transmitting dreams” and “transmitting passion”. Passing on this passion to “The Little Prince of today” and helping grown-ups regain their children’s hearts would be our greatest joy.

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