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The universal language of Costumes, Hair & Makeup has crossed borders. This universality is respected by mixing elements, codes, from various cultures. The original illustration of Saint-Exupéry made The Little Prince an identifiable and recognizable character by all. 

Peggy Housset translates the personality of the characters while retaining this feeling of drawing. The matte materials represent paper. Most of the fabrics are dyed manually to preserve the feeling of a colouring book. 

The inspiration for the hair and makeup designs came from children’s books and colouring books. For the character of The Vainman, Carmen Arbues was inspired by Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter. The Fox has a minimalist makeup and a wig in the rockabilly style to give him a funny side. The personalities of the characters are enhanced with make-up and hair as if drawn with a pencil. 

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